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First Class Commodities (FCC) is the Gateway to the World. FCC is established mainly to render a high level of professional services in various business modalities including eco-industrial global marketing, product trade, resource circulation and more.



First Class Commodities provides consultation services that cater to facilitate the distribution of the following products around the world.

Crude Oil

First Class Commodities caters to the needs of crude oil import and export services, partnering with clients anywhere in these resource-rich regions to satisfy the need for mineral hydrocarbons in this form. The interest for such product is high, hence the continuing feat for novel explorations all throughout prospect places in the world. What we do is equate the gradient to satisfy both the economic and physical needs of those engaged in the deal.


First Class Commodities caters to world demand for rice distribution, marketing, and trading. Being one of the most common deals we handle, FCC continues to become a growing import-export service contractor ready to help you pave your way to meet your need for gains and returns by marketing/procuring these goods. Most transactions make Asia as subject to trade, being the region that consumes about 90% of the world’s rice according to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).


First Class Commodities pushes forward the frontiers of sugar commerce. Sugar is one of the most demanded commodities of the world, being a principal good utilized by the majority of the world’s population either for household, industrial, or business purposes. Recognizing this key role, First Class Commodities helps in product channeling from source to end user using magnified import and export services.


First Class Commodities puts the industrial revolution into a better climb, assisting with industrial cement trade and business. As a basic and integrated part of the concrete industry, cement trading continues to flourish. Industrialization becomes a primary factor to this growth along with economic outputs and investment rates. First Class Commodities caters to the needs of the cement trade industry and continues to do so by strengthening partnerships across the realms to bring together the demand and the supply.

Sunflower Oil

First Class Commodities accepts long and short term contracts for buyers and traders of this commodity. We are experts at handling trade regulations and conformations considering cross-country differences regarding this product and other commodities therein.


Scanning Security / Cyber Security

First Class Commoditiescaters to world demand for revolutionary non-invasive security solutions, including but not limited to, maritime, air cargo, vehicle, airport, and pedestrian applications using the most non comparable innovative technologically advanced detection systems in the world. Further puts forward at the frontiers of communication industry, interoperable mesh networks for first responders in pilot regions of highly secure VHF modules for video surveillance and other devices, special internet operating on HF and VHF frequencies for first responders and special drones, next generation antenna systems, and cyber security and hi-tech encrypt technologies with high anti-hacking capabilities.

First Class Commodities has a lucrative opportunity in minerals and financial platforms. Consultation will be provided upon request.