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First Class Commodities (FCC) is the Gateway to the World. FCC is established mainly to render a high level of professional services in various business modalities including eco-industrial global marketing, product trade, and resource circulation among others.



First Class Commodities offers some of the most affordable and profitable trading opportunities across the continents. We preserve the company’s core values and commitment in delivering quality services and achieving results.

Our market strategy is revolutionary and successful, allowing us to turn challenges into opportunities across the global marketplace.


We have established the technical knowledge and networking with global partners to invigorate positive result.


  • Maintain an attractive composition of trade and to apply and leverage our knowledge, experience and global network.
  • Attribute best optimal results for buyers by creating competent and experienced board management team to play an active role in providing a world class commodities networking.
  • Strive to maintain strategic influence in the marketplace, create an agenda with our partners, and construct successive dialogue and transparency.
  • Grow our assets and generate returns for our business partners, and continually think forward with openness, brightness, accountability, and dialogue.

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance exercises a defined decision-making system and structure for our global partners so that they directly or indirectly control their assets. In FCC, authority and control are distributed across our global partners, while the management is vested in the hands of the Board of Directors.

FCC is fully experienced firm dedicated solely promoting world class commodities trading. Further, we offer qualified buyers the opportunity to participate in our programs through private placements. Finally, we offer a full-service professional management team to create individualized portfolio in import-export programs in oil and gas, petroleum, soft commodities and financial institutions.