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First Class Commodities (FCC) is the Gateway to the World. FCC is established mainly to render a high level of professional services in various business modalities including eco-industrial global marketing, product trade, and resource circulation among others.


About Us

First Class Commodities (FCC) is a trading organization operating internationally across continents under the tutelage of HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE AL-HASHEMI and Dr. Kevin Anthony (G28),  political and diplomatic dignitary with Washington D.C involved in high level international governmental security across the Middle East and North Africa. FCC is a subsidiary under the parent organization, United States of America INS, partner with other entities, and joint venture with producers and financial institutions . FCC has found its niche in financial security, scanning detection and cybersecurity, trading platforms, and the import/export of first class commodities including oil and gas, as well as soft commodities around the world.

As a global organization, FCC mission is to open up opportunities for buyers, sellers and entrepreneurs around the world to operate beyond their marketplace. FCC promise is to manage the efficient flow and distribution of first class commodities between producers and consumers worldwide, guide in making informed decision and innovative solutions to traders and distributors, assist its affiliate trade partners gain financial momentum, and facilitate the flow of world class branded products.

FCC Vision is to become the trusted leader in first class commodities trading as well as other world class branded commodities, and to align organizational supply goals with global demands.

FCC Values is to fulfill its strategic mission and vision, and to strive to demonstrate these values with Passion, Accessibility, Success and Satisfaction.

Our dedicated skilled and competent staff provide the knowledge and resources to our partners, clients and distributors. Our team focuses on quality service, pride, integrity, safety environment, cost efficiency and innovative solutions so that our partners enjoy a competitive edge.